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This firm was started to provide you, our clients, with more comprehensive solutions to your environmental consulting needs.  Our focus is reflected in the company name.  We look at the Big Picture, considering the entirety of ecological factors that might affect, or be affected by, your project.  We then find practical solutions that conserve natural resources as well as the investment you have made in your project.


Providing the “Big Picture” involves Landscape Ecology, the study of composition, configuration, and ecological processes of natural landscapes.  Specifically we determine impacts at scales of time and space pertinent to species of interest.  For example, habitat loss generally is the primary metric in most analyses, but it may be of minor importance if habitat quality is marginal, resources are readily available elsewhere, or impacts occur when the species of interest is absent.  Conversely, a project may affect little habitat but the impact could be significant if affected habitat is critical to population persistence, such as providing key movement corridors or food resources.

Providing the Big Picture also means communication that is readily understood and, above all, moves a project forward.  Beginning in fall 2013, we will offer two courses to help you succeed with this. First is Plans that Matter, a one-day course on how to transform resource management information into implementation plans that are clear, concise, and provide positive direction.  Second is Becoming a Compelling Communicator for Conservation, a two-day course on crafting clear, meaningful written and verbal messages that will have a positive impact on any audience.


So take a tour of our website and see the work we have done and the skills and experience we can offer you.  Then give us a call and put us to work.  You will see that we deliver on our motto:


Quality Data.  Comprehensive Analysis.  Practical, Innovative Solutions.


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